Telecoms Cooling

SecureMaq is an approved distributor of Dantherm Telecoms Cooling Air Conditioners. Telecoms networks have specific needs with regards to thermal management of electronics, and we have partnered with Dantherm as a market-leading supplier of energy-efficient climate control solutions for customers across the globe.

Dantherm, with more than 20 years of experience in this industry, supply a range of electronics cooling systems which ensure maximum up-time and cost saving. We operate within two main business areas - electronics cooling for the Telecoms industry and environmental comfort solutions for HVAC professionals, dehumidification experts and, with our mobile units, military units and humanitarian organisations.

This partnership allows us to provide reliable, energy-efficient heat removal solutions for shelters, cabinets, enclosures and rooms containing temperature-sensitive electronic and telecommunications equipment, adding yet another impressive dimension to our extensive portfolio of products and services.

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