Outdoor Telecoms Cabinets

SecureMaq has developed a valuable manufacturing agreement for outdoor general purpose cabinets with Wanma Electron, which allows our company to supply top quality telecoms cabinets throughout South Africa and the neighbouring countries in Africa.

Zhejiang Wanma Group Electron was founded in 1992 as a professional high-tech Chinese enterprise engaged in communication equipment development, production, sales and service, while undertaking design and construction for communication engineering.

With an extensive network of users in more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions throughout China, the company’s reputation is an impressive one. In recent years, Wanma has been able to expand into foreign markets such as the United States, Italy, Germany, Egypt, Greece and Kenya, while their partnership with SecureMaq has produced an extended bouquet of countries in Southern Africa which now enjoy supply of the company’s excellent products.

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