Professional Services

SecureMaq offers a complete range of services in the telecommunications field that involve the deployment of turnkey infrastructure, whether on a build, operate and transfer basis, or as a fully outsourced solution. Our professional services include consulting, concept proposals, network design, planning, engineering, implementation, and maintenance. Our highly-trained personnel use the best possible resources to ensure that all projects are completed with excellence, as it is a passion of ours as a company to partner with businesses in contributing towards their success. Our professional services have allowed us to build a reputation as a trusted and reliable company, producing repeat business and glowing reviews of our work.

Support & Service

SecureMaq maintains a culture of quality within the company. We ensure all our employees are trained in quality assurance and that training is ongoing across all levels. We promote adherence to strict legal requirements, quality control, and health & safety levels. We continually review, improve and implement best practice procedures.

We are committed to our clients and will continually evolve and improve in order to offer them a value added service, quality product selection and outstanding service.


Environmental Quality Policy

SecureMaq strives to continually improve the Environmental Management System by being good corporate citizens, protecting the shared environment, and communicating the fundamental importance to employees, customers and other stakeholders.

In order to support this goal we aim to:

  • Comply with applicable local, state and federal environmental regulations.
  • Continually improve the environmental performance of products and processes.
  • Protect the health and safety of employees and surrounding communities and ecosystems.
  • Use proper resources, including raw materials, energy and water, as efficiently as possible.

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