Energy Management

The energy management and low energy services available through SecureMaq are amongst the most advanced in the industry, contributing to improving the efficiency and cost saving elements of organisations or institutions. We employ a comprehensive set of energy management tools to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs, contributing to the success of an organisation through these key performance indicators.

We deal with all energy saving and optimisation initiatives, by providing clients with the latest and greatest technology available. This assists them to make smart long term investments into sustainable renewable energy. Using monitoring and energy management tools that we provide will make a defined difference to efficiency, productivity and cost saving goals, by keeping control of energy consumption. We are experts at identifying the correct energy systems for any business, and implementing effective, practical solutions that offer real benefits.

The value that we provide in terms of energy management includes:

  • Developing engineering designs and specifications
  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable legislation
  • Managing projects from design to installation and monitoring
  • Training of staff
  • Providing on-going maintenance services
  • Implementing energy awareness campaigns
  • Generator optimisation
  • Hybrid systems

The Energy Management Cycle includes the following:

  • Company Commitment
  • Understanding Energy Use
  • Planning and Organisation
  • Implementation
  • Verification, Monitoring and Reporting

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