DC Power Solutions

At SecureMaq we ensure that our portfolio of services is able to provide options for businesses of varying sizes based within any number of industries. For this reason our DC Power Solutions division possesses a wide variety of power solutions, from small single TRX sites to switch sites and large data centers, with suitable solutions for every application, allowing us to cater to clients with all manner of requirements.

Our DC Power Solutions cater for central office carrier networks or private businesses, wireless or wireline, local-loop access or long-haul optics, as we understand that each client or application is different, requiring a tailored approach and unique understanding. Our power offering includes DC Power Systems, DC Distribution, DC Peripherals, DC Controllers and related accessories. The advantages of our DC Power Systems include high energy saving efficiency, high power density, flexibility, and smarter energy control and monitoring capabilities, which directly contributes to a reduced environmental footprint and lower operating costs. DC Power Solutions for Telecom

Applications include the following:

  • Core Power Solutions
  • Metro Power Solutions
  • Access Power Solutions
  • Enterprise Power Solutions

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