Cable Management

In a world that is becoming increasingly connected and reliant on the ability to communicate faster and more efficiently, SecureMaq’s provision of communications products is of the highest standard, ensuring the best available options on the market through a combination of leading edge technology and technical knowledge.

These products include fibre cabling, networking components, local and wide area networking, high performance infrastructure cabling systems, accessories, system components, data cabling, security cabling, telephony products, as well as sophisticated racking and data centre equipment. Our product offering also includes fibre optic cables, fibre connectors and adaptors, copper cables with patch panels, jacks, patch cords, data cabling, security cabling, telephony products, and more, ensuring that all elements of communication can be produced through a partnership with SecureMaq.

Benefits Of Cable Management:
Proper management of data and power cabling within an IT enclosure will deliver a number of benefits that will enhance your system availability and improve your bottom line.

  • Reduced signal interference — the elimination of crosstalk and interference between cables will enhance system performance.
  • Improved maintenance and serviceability — easier access to internal rack components reduces maintenance time and improves safety.
  • Cooler performance — cooling efficiency within the rack is enhanced thanks to proper positioning of cables to avoid air flow blockage.
  • A roadmap for growth — effective cable management solutions provide the ability to scale and adapt to changes in the IT infrastructure while minimizing service time.

Today's high-density rack-based IT server and switching installations provide higher and higher levels of performance and capacity. But with this growth of capability come a parallel growth of discrete data communications and power cabling that must be managed within the confine of these tightly spaced rack environments. Improper cable management can result in cable damage and failure. This can lead to data transmission errors and performance issues as well as system downtime

SecureMaq has become a supplier of electrical components and accessory equipment to the South African Transmission and Distribution Electrical Industry. Our product offering includes fibre optic cables, fibre connectors and adaptors, copper cables with patch panels, jacks, patchcords, data cabling, security cabling, sub station connectors, insulators, isolators, compression tooling, and hardware.

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